Unwaste is a cloud platform to connect everyone who can help reduce plastic waste entering our planet’s environment.

We are focused on countries where traditional solid waste management faces systemic constraints on its ability to deal with this issue. Our approach is based on several key insights:

  • improved collection and reduced leakage from existing collection systems is critical to reducing the volume of plastic waste entering our planet’s oceans
  • solutions have to make economic sense, within a market economy, for all actors in the production, collection and recycling chain of plastic products, including actors in marginal and informal sectors
  • “Brand Audits”, as pioneered by the Break Free From Plastic movement are a critical tool to understanding the true extent and economic value chain of plastic in our environment
  • current and emerging technologies in the cloud, geo, social and machine learning spaces can support solutions to plastic waste management at a significantly lower cost than was previously possible.

Our first service, wastebase.org was launched in November 2020.

We are preparing for Alpha Testing of the Wastebase data collection app.

If you are involved in plastic recycling, production of plastic products, waste collection (formal or informal) or are a citizen concerned to improve the plastic waste situation where you live, and would like to know more, please visit wastebase.org where you will find more information about our crowdsourced data collection initiatives, with specific suggestions for how you can get involved.

We are particularly interested in hearing from the following countries, however we welcome all enquiries:

Kenya | Malawi | Mozambique | Rwanda | Tanzania | Uganda | Zambia | Zimbabwe